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Beep Deeply Inactive

Sadly, the band is currently inactive. Gregg has moved to Boulder, CO. and is playing with Saturn Returns, Walnutbutter, and is working with other bands and musicians in the area. Arty and Victor continue to jam together. Reunions are expected, plus the possibility of online reunions thanks to the developing capabilities of the Internet. This site will continue to be updated by Gregg (Saxy) from time to time, and there are quite a few more picture and sound files that will be posted. The MySpace page will continue to be maintained as well.

New on this website...

  • New news section (at left) has all the pix, video, and sound in chronological order
  • April 2008 pictures & sound continue to be updated
  • Check out this rediscovered video from 2/2007

Group photo of BeepDeeply

Possibly the least-known band in the Universe, BeepDeeply consists of people you know, otherwise you probably wouldn't be here. For those who don't know us, we're a jamtastic group of musicians who enjoy exploring and playing all kinds of music, especially psychedlic rock, fusion, and progressive.

BeepDeeply JamSpace
BeepDeeply has several jam spaces, and we play with many other musicians. This website is devoted to spreading the word about the musicians who play in BeepDeeply JamSpace: pictures, recordings, and miscellaneous other.

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