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About Beep Deeply

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We're working on an alternate way to contact us for those who can't access that :(
In alphabetical order by first name...

  • Art - Pyrotechnic Psychedelic Fusion Guitar
  • Chris - Metallized 7 String Guitar(s)
  • Gregg - Saxy Soprano,Alto,Tenor Saxophones, Flutes
  • Kong - Technicaly Delicious Drums
  • Victor - Bass Profundo
Note: all members of the band play multiple instruments, so take nothing for granted when listening!

Regular players:

  • Andy Rock - Guitar, Bass
  • Christine - Guitar, Vocals
  • Colby - Drums, Keys
  • Dylan of Glint - Bass
  • Katy - Vocals
  • Lizzy - Guitar, Keys
  • Marshall Plan - Bass
  • John Brand - Drums
Sorry if we left anyone out!
Our policy is to include regular players in this website!
Music, Videos, and Pictures

The official home page for Beep Deeply is: beepdeeply.us

Photos by Saxy, Kate Hess, Tim Raven and others
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