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Music and Images from May 2008

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None posted yet. See files for April, still being added!

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Set Up to Jam

Just in time for May, the jamspace is set up. L-R Victor, Arty (kneeling), Christine, Christa, all christen the new place. Photo by Gregg.

More video can be found on the BeepDeeply Channel!





Jammin' Video #1

Some cellphone video by Gregg (who does not appear) featuring Arty, Kong, Victor, and Sandra. 5/3/2008




Jammin' Video #2

"Kong Jams Indian Blue" 5/2
Cellphone video too big for YouTube, but fits on MySpace featuring Arty, Gregg, Kong, Victor, and Christa. Four or so minutes into this video things start to get interesting when Arty and Gregg start duelling riffs.


Beeping Deeply at Christa's  



His name is Kong, James Kong, agent 0040. We missed him while he was under covers. In this photo, he plays a beloved Zidljin cymbal loaned by Jon K.


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