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Music and Images from April 2008

Sound Files Digitized from Analog Cassette Listen/Download
April 12th (date of pix below) marked our first recorded jam, for lack of a better name, "Underwoof". This was also our first jam with Christa. The sound is essentially mono. The WMA version (12 Meg, 32 minutes) is very small for iPodding. Computers without up-to-date CODECs may have trouble reading it, so we provided a much larger (32 Meg but not much better sounding) MP3.

(Right Click to Download)
underwoof.mp3(32 Meg)

On Earth Day, we got about two hours of material recorded. Still no drummer. At right are links to "Deeply Space", a track that might prove that no drummer is better than a robodrummer.

deeply space.wma(2.8Meg)
deeply space.mp3(7.3Meg)

Beeping Deeply at Christa's  


Working Up a New Set

At Arty's new place, Gregg, Arty, and Victor (L-R) start work on a new show. Chris is in Texas playing metal, and Kong's drum kit hasn't been set up yet. Keyboards in foreground are played by Christa, who took the photo.


Art Break  


Taking a Break

Arty takes a double-fisted break in our humble recording studio. Gregg approves of the sparseness of this production: "it's the music, silly!".


Christa on Keyboards  



Christa plays the Yamaha DX7 and a Yamaha PSR series keyboard on "Underwoof"


Gregg's Sky Alto Sax  


Temporary Studio

The drum kit wasn't set up, nor was the jamspace, so we threw together this makeshift recording studio for the session. Charlie, the deaf sound-dog is shown in charge.


Gregg's Sky Alto Sax  



Charlie, the studio-pup mans (or is it "dogs") the recording console.


Gregg's Sky Alto Sax  



Christa photographs some gleam from Gregg's Sky Alto Sax.


  All Content ©2008, Beep Deeply Photos by Christa and Gregg